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Changing Primary Domain - "Pending Change"

I have a website in the following domain:

And I tried to change the primary domain to:



In order to do this, in the Hosting Control Center, I deleted, then I added as primary domain. Finally, I added again, as a non-primary domain.


Everything ok, until here. In a few minutes, was back online again, but (the primary domain) is still "Pending Change". It's been 3h and I really need this domain online. Usually it only takes a few minutes and I'm getting worried.



Thank you.

Advocate VII

Hi @LuisDaCruz,


Having been in this situation before, 1st make sure that you have your A-record settings correct for both domains.  While it usually takes just a few minutes to make a change if you are using all GoDaddy services, it often does take a few hours for changes to show if you make several changes back-to-back. 


Also, make sure all of your browser cache is cleared.  Its been a while, but I have had an occasional hiccup on my end displaying old info in the dashboard.


If you haven't already, it doesn't hurt to contact tech support.  They should be able to tell you where the process is with regard to propagation and DNS settings.  Unfortunately, sometimes the only solution when DNS and hosting services are involved is patience!


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thank you for the reply @JMPepper!


Matter of fact, the domain didn't have its A-record filled. I filled it with the same IP has, but now I'm getting the "pageok" error when I try to reach

I accepted an existing domain and added it to my newly created site. That was almost 24hrs ago. The domain still is not updating and sending my new site live

I am trying to transfer in my domain "" and no luck. Please help.