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Custom DNS servers for .eu domain

Hello Everyone,


I own two domains that are managed by godaddy.


One is .site domain - setting custom DNS for that once was no problem at all.


I have also registered a .eu domain. It is in active status, however setting custom DNS server for that one proves impossible.


The problems with .eu domain:


1. Add own hostname option is missing for that domain. I used this option in case of .site domain to add my custom DNS server.

2. When selecting Add Custom DNS option, my entries are first accepted, then shortly after old DNS come back with Failed change email being sent.


The exact same nameservers works all OK with the .site domain.


Is there anything I am missing here?

Error says:

"Error: Data management policy violation" 



I made some further testing and it seems it does not allow name servers to be the subdomain of my main domain:

Given my main domain is: the dns located at will not get in no matter what.

Hello @nid!


Thank you for posting. There are special requirements for .EU domains when it comes to custom nameservers. You can see those requirements here. Give that a try. If you're still having trouble after that, reach out to our support team.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Hi nid,

Have you finally managed to resolve your problem? If you have, would you please share the solution.

I hit exactly the same problem.

Nor support neither following the restrictions for .eu domains helped.


To those who faced the same problem with .eu domains, provided you have fulfilled the .eu domain special requirements, contact directly support. You will not be able to change them on your own using GoDaddy DNS Management.

Do not waste your time trying to resolve the issue with the first level support, insist to transfer your problem to the second level support who will register you nameservers.

The issue is related to the way nameservers are registered at the .eu TLD.

After almost two years the last message is still valid - at least as long as you're trying to set nameservers that are in a subdomain of the domain you're managing.