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DNS TXT record not propagating

This is just a helpful FYI for anyone running into the problem of a newly added DNS record not propagating.


I'm changing my hosting to Google Firebase (for technical reasons), and Firebase needed to know that I actually owned my domain. So Firebase had me add a simple DNS TXT record. Here's what Firebase told me to add...



DNS propagation problem.png


Notice the Host column has my domain name "" spelled out, and that's exactly what I added in GoDaddy. I waited over 24 hours for this to propagate, and still wasn't able to verify with Firebase. When I checked on to see what DNS servers it had updated on (there's only a total of 24 DNS servers in the world specifically designed to handle DNS requests), I discovered it hadn't updated anywhere!


TXT record addition not propagating.png


At that point I decided to call GoDaddy support.


"Anthony" from the domains department would only give me the standard answer that it can take up to 48 hours to update. I explained to him that it was strange the DNS change hadn't propagated anywhere in the world, and asked him to look into the issue further or transfer me to someone who could help. Anthony got annoyed and just repeated the standard 48 hour line again (so much for award winning support). Even after I asked, he steadfastly refused to look into the issue any further. I knew if I waited another day, I'd still be looking at 24 red X's. So I stood my ground...


  • Me: "I'd like to speak to your manager please"
  • Anthony: "You want to...(sigh)… ok, my I ask why you'd like to speak to my manager?"
  • Me: "No you may not"
  • ….8 - 10 seconds of silence...
  • Anthony: "Ok let me look into this a bit more for you"

He discovers I'm currently using their WordPress managed hosting service, and transfers me to the Hosting department. The Hosting rep was actually helpful. He confirms my suspicions that, while DNS records can take 48 hours to update, its very weird that the TXT record hasn't updated because those usually update immediately.


Then he discovered the source of the problem. I added the full domain name "" into the host field (per Firebase instructions) instead of the @ symbol. When your working with DNS records, the host field almost always uses an @ symbol. The @ is mapped to the IP address of your domain in the A record (it's used like a shortcut, so you don't have to type in the full IP address every time). 


So in my TXT record, I removed the domain name and added the @ symbol. Less than a minute later while I'm still on the phone with support, I performed another check on, and boom...






And that's it, smooth sailing from there.


So the TLDR is, yeah GoDaddy (or any other hosting company) will tell you DNS takes 48 hours to propagate. But in a real-world situation, a simple TXT record change should only take less than a minute.


Good luck!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS TXT record not propagating

Thanks for sharing your knowledge @JBradySD. I'm sure someone will find it helpful!


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