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Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

I click the lovely green button called manage and it should take me to my dns records.. oh boy that is working great, I can see my domains and their records and manage them. Man good job godaddy! You have made a console where I can manage my records.


Now my next task is to delete a DNS record, for what ever reason that may be. I'm already at the manage page that's great, I can see all my domains and their records, GOOD STUFF! Now I go to where the dns records are at so I can pick one for deletion, ok I'm here, so far so good I see the records. Now hold on... where is the delete button? I look left, I look right, scroll up and down... It seems Godaddy made a mistake... how could this be that such a company has forgotten to add a simple delete button visibly next to the DNS records? Could it be that because I am not paying enough money they won't give me a delete button? No that just can't be right... I know with NetSol and other DNS providers I have a delete button for free and I'm not getting charged for that, I can easily see dns records in their wonderful portal and behold there is a delete button next to each DNS record so I can easily delete it any time I want.


Godaddy, I'm sure you recognize my sarcastic tone... why is there no delete button?? I should and need to be able to see a delete button next to each dns record and there is not. do you expect people to not delete dns records? That's just not right!

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Re: Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

Hi @centercorp,


As cPanel: (I don't know for Plesk etc, guess some similarities)

Don't click on the lovely green button, hover over the 'domain bar' it will change color, click on this, now you will see a 'manage DNS' button. Click on this and your records will all be revealed with little pencil things besides them. Click on pencil things and delete to your hearts content Smiley Happy


One word of advice though, take a screenshot first before you get carried away. Just in case it's a record you really needed! Happy deleting!

Re: Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

That's right! From now on I need to click the pencil to see the little trash can. That is a cool idea and not sure how I missed it even though I'm 100% sure I've done this a million times before.


Although it's a cool idea, maybe the delete button should be visible so that blind people don't go through the same? (hehe)


Thank you for your professional response.

Re: Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

Also, If I need to bulk delete records... I can't Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

lol @centercorp,

you're welcome Smiley Happy

Your post made me smile. It's like buying a new car and when you go to put fuel in you can't (to your embarrassment ) find the fuel cap. There should be a Pro Badge here for "I found the delete button" hehe Smiley Happy


"we're not experts here, we just made a 999 mistakes, so we now get it right for once."

Re: Delete button missing, why? (dns records)

I found that button... 


that's real idiotism to do that in this way!