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Domain Forwarding Glitch on Mobile View

I just renewed my domain on GoDaddy today as it expired a day back. 


The website shows up on my desktop but there is a major domain forwarding glitch on my mobile with random 5 characters being added to the end of my URL resulting in an Error 404. Also happening for my clients.



My domain is registered with GoDaddy and my hosting with inmotion. My nameservers show up fine and my hosting support could not find the problem. But with some digging around on the net, it is clear that domain forwarding glitches have happened with GoDaddy in the past. 


Dire need of some help

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Re: Domain Forwarding Glitch on Mobile View

The domain mentioned doesn't use forwarding.  It seems this is a cache issue, as many mobile devices try to conserve data usage.


Use your favorite search engine for "how to clear cache [name of phone/browser]".