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Domain renewal date and Domain renewals

I find it both amazing and laughable that the solution to the Godaddy renewal date issue is to go to whois to find out the date rather than display it in a legible format 2/10/ can be either Feb 2, or 2 Oct. It would take so little (probably one line of code) to display it all in a format that everyone can understand. You are a global company, so why not act like one and display the date across all countries in a way that everyone can understand regardless of where they are in the world Oct 2 or 2 Oct (instead of 02/10) requires such little work to display!


Also, PLEASE instead of making me go through every domain that isn't displayed, show me all domains and all dates for renewal (including a simple icon for whether if is set to autorenew). You act like a 1990's web provider because despite your vast sums of money you are unable to display all domains instead of 5. Once again probably one more line of code.


It's OK, I'll move all my domains to Google... From Google Domains support


"It will typically show on the domain management page like this is registered until November 14, 2018."


Stay in the 1990's GoDaddy