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Domain without broker service.

Hi all- I need a little help.. I recently purchased a website with domain included. We had initial issues as the seller was trying to transfer the .com to my Go Daddy account from their account and it simply wouldn't work. The domain has now expired in sellers name and I want to add it to my account. I have already paid for domain from seller but I can only see the option to pay for their (Go Daddy) broker service of which I do not need as I have already agreed everything.
What can I do? Please help..
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Re: Domain without broker service.

@Catsadore It will be more expensive to do that because you have to register it your self.


You're somewhat SOL... If the issue was caused by GoDaddy and you can prove it... You can try asking them to credit it to you.


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Re: Domain without broker service.

Hi @Catsadore,


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If the domain is still in the seller's account at another registrar, you can purchase a transfer to move it to your account. They will simply need to unlock it and provide you an Authorization Code. The transfer takes 5-7 days to move and usually provides an additional year of registration.


If the domain is in another GoDaddy account, that party will need to renew the domain in order to move it to your account. (You can always reimburse them for the additional year after the domain is in your possession). Simply provide them with your email address on your customer account for the change process. You both will receive an email that takes just a click to approve. The entire process can take just a few minutes.


Move a Domain to another GoDaddy Account

Accept a Domain into your GoDaddy Account



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