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GoDaddy DNS Update through GoDaddy API

I know that there is a post or two on the forum about using the GoDaddy API to update DNS programmatically. I was looking for an even easier way to update my DNS record after an IP change at my home. Not everyone can manage a script and can make them work. With that, I created a free Android app that will do all of this for you.


I am not sure if this kind of post is allowed, but if it needs to be removed or moved elsewhere, I understand.


Link to app: 


Steps to make this work:

1- Connect to your Home Wi-Fi
2- Open App
3- Click Settings and enter all your API details
4- Click Save
5- Click go Back To App
6- Check if your IP's match
7- If they do not, click Make Them Match
8- Wait for the thank you message, then click Refresh Screen, see them match.


Hopefully someone who needs this will find it useful.






Hello @marcjc and thank you for sharing with the Community!


I apologize for the delayed response. This was great work that you completed 🎊. Thank you for also including step by step instruction if people should choose to use this method.


I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

@SG4101 Thanks for your kind words. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week too.

If anyone tries this out and has any feedback feel free to reach out to me.