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Help...a 20,000.00 Premium domain just sold for 450.00!

I just received notice that a domain I have owned since 1999, and is my name (my name is dustie) just sold for 450.00.  I did have it listed for 20,000.00 figuring that if sold for that, then I'd go ahead and let it go.  It is my website and my email address for everything..has been for nearly 20 years (  I've been offered 5000.00 for the domain and I turned it down.  There no way in hades I'd sell it for 450.00.  It sold and transferred according to the emails inside of 20 minutes (a record I think).  Something has gone horribly wrong here and I'm sweating bullets.  I'm on hold with tech support right now but not sure anyone is going to be able to help me at 11:23 at night.

Any suggestions anyone?


Community Manager

Hi @Dustien. Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear this Man Sad It's hard to say for sure what happened in this situation. My first guess would be that maybe the domain had a lower "buy now" price or maybe a lower initial bid price and it was won that way. The latter should have generated some emails to let you know there were bids. If that didn't happen, then maybe it was the former. Either way, reaching out to our auctions team at would probably be your best source of information.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
Getting Started

Thanks Jess.  Just spent an hour online with support.  Looks like the impossible happened.  They say that records show that my premium domain name,, has been listed for 450.00 since it was first listed as a premium domain in April 2018.

This is simply not true.  It was never listed at 450.00!  Not even for a day, let alone over a year! Even GoDaddy's estimate for that name was 10 times that much.  Why in the , world would I list (and leave listed for a whole year) for 450.00?  That would have been a very stupid thing to do, especially since I'd been offered 5,000.00 for the name and turned that down just a year earlier!!   

I listed it for 20,000.00 for good reason.  It's my name so I wasn't keen about selling it.  So I figured I'd list it really high and if someone really wanted it, then it might be worth giving it up.  It showed in my list of premium domains as being listed for 20,000.00 everytime I looked at my premium domain names.  That price was far beyond any of the others so it always stuck out like a sore thumb.    Less then a month ago I saw it and considered taking it off the market since it's so much a part of my identity, as my email has been for 20 years and I was thinking I'd be sad to sell even for 20,000.   I should have done it.

Now is gone, stolen away for way below it's value.  Auctions says there's no records at all of it being listed for more then 450.00 until last night when, shortly after it had been sold, records showed the listing price changed to $4,000+ and then a few minutes later showed changed to $14,095.  They further said someone had to have logged in order for those changes to be there.  I can guarantee you that someone was definitely NOT ME, nor anyone I know!  Since no one else knows my account info I can only assume my account was hacked, and that the history of that domain's pricing was messed with.  They say that would be impossible, but I know differently.  I know it was listed for 20,000.00 all year.  They also said that, if I could produce the original email from April 2018 when it was first listed as a premium listing for 20,000.00 they might be able to do something... but alas, I don't have emails from that far back. 

So my precious domain was stolen, records changed in my account regarding said domain name, and there's not a **bleep** thing I can do about it. 

I just want to go on record, because there is no doubt in my mind that the same thing is going to happen again to someone else.  Hopefully someday they can catch the thief and I'll have someone to sue!

The current new owner,, has put the domain name up for sale just hours after it was stolen from me for a fraction of it's value and the domains price history was changed.  If I were the domain police, I know who I'd be interviewing first!

A friend of mine told me last night when I was sweating bullets, sweetie...if this is the worst thing that happens to you in life, you'll be in good shape.  She's right...I need to let this go.  But the feeling of being violated like this by someone is a hard one to let go of, believe me.

Community Manager

Thanks for following up, @Dustien. I can definitely understand how you feel. Our Auctions team would have the best information at this point. If that's what they found, then it doesn't sound like there's much that can be done to recover the domain, at least from our side. If you haven't already done so, perhaps you can try contacting the current registrant to see if they'd be willing to sell it back to you for a lower price given the situation. I really hope you're able to figure something out. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Hi Dustie,

I was the one who purchased your domain. I purchased your domain at the BIN price that you listed. Certainly not a thief. And neither is anyone else who purchases a domain, a piece of real estate, a car, etc.

I have my own plans for developing down the road when I bought it, but I would be willing to work out a deal with you if you would be interested in getting it back. Feel welcome to get in touch.