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Hosting/Domain issue

I have moved my Domain and my Hosting to Godaddy


Everything seems to be working and even the Godaddy Rep says she can see the new site. 


I can see the new site ONLY from 1 out of 3 devices


My laptop will bring up new site. My Desktop on Firefox, Chrome and IE all bring up OLD site from OLD host.  My Smartphone from 2 browsers as well only brings up old host.  


I have cleared my Cache, browsing history, Cleaned everything with AVG PC tuneup, and even did the IPconfig/flushdns as suggested on other sites, and restarted the computer. 


Nothing. Still seeing old website. I did find where someone suggested to change the IP address on my ISP through network on the computer but I don't know how to do that. I can do a lot on the computer but some things I need people to SPEAK SLOWLY. lol. This suggestion is all fine and good but WHAT exactly do I put in here. Anyone else have any other suggestions?  


I have a 2 signal Router. My phone runs off the router as I have no cell service here and use a VOIP like system on my phone. My laptop and my Desktop both use the same network, and I have visited the website on the old host from all 3 devices in the past. 


Even when I log into GOdaddy's account and do the WPadmin to edit the website THE OLD ONE still comes up! How is that possible? I don't even have login information on that old host! What the hell? I can't even edit anything because I can't GET there. 


I've been doing my own websites for 20 years (on website builders mind you) and not once have I ever seen this problem.  Please help. It's 1:42 am and I'm loosing sleep over this. lol.