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Letting a domain expire - and seeing a 5x price for recovery

Hello - I have had many domains with you for many years, and I  let one lapse. Now I find that within a day someone else has bought that domain that is only critical to me (a specific DJ name that no one else on the web has). Is this a normal state of affairs, that within a day of stopping paying for a website domain, that it is immediately bought up by this company, and then sold for 5xs your usual price? I had found a much cheaper option, with better political views than the owner of GoDaddy - as I will not support anyone that funds Trump. I believe these are crooked business practices, and it doesn't surprise me knowing the political views of your company's owner. Shame on him.

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"Domainers," those who speculate on the domain market to make money, keep a constant eye on domains that are coming up for sell that have proven web traffic flowing to them. If the domain comes available, they sweep it up and offer it for sell as a premium domain due to the almost guaranteed traffic you'll get from it.


This is also the way it works for any domain service. Ever. This isn't a business practice of any company but of individual speculators.


In other words, to answer your question, absolutely normal.

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Hi @nomadicnoize23,


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Fortunately, domains are not lost overnight. Once a domain expires it will be held in a customer account according to the timeline in this link. We're sorry to hear that you lost your domain. If you refer to the chart in the article, you'll be able to see if it can be recovered or if it has been removed and repurchased by a domainer as @MrVapor indicated.


As eight email alerts get sent to warn our customer of expiration and impending removal, we advise you to be sure the email address on your account is valid, and "" is listed as a preferred sender in that email plan to prevent missing the notices in the future. 





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