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Lost my admin contact email for ICANN

Hey there folks.. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this but I lost the domain associated with the the admin contact, have my godaddy contact but not the tech and admin and I'm wonder how I can update it.. I tried to just update it with my new email and it said it need a confirmation from both emails , old and new. any way around this ?

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Re: Lost my admin contact email for icann



Being the registrant of the domain is the legal owner, that information just cannot be changed willy-nilly.   Imagine if anyone could get account information and go in and change that email without the legal owner knowing?  That's why an email to the address on the record has to be confirmed.


You are going to have to authenticate yourself -- that you are in fact the person who owns the domain in another way, typically by providing ID that correlates with the other information on the domain record.


Give GoDaddy support a call and someone can walk you through the steps and what is required to regain control of your domain record.


HTH! 😉


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