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Migration From Another Host

Has anyone here migrated a client site from a host to GoDaddy?  I'd love to hear some of your experiences with this and what some potential pitfalls are in doing this?


The site that I am moving exists on a host and the current site management company essentially let the SEO of this client die over a 2-year run (and that is why this client moved TO this company).  I've done some minor tweaking of the pages and have increased impressions and clicks to her site.  She wants to move the existing domain.  I'd like to be able to have the domain fully up and running and tested prior to switching the DNS.  How can I do this here?



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Re: Migration From Another Host

Is it a WordPress site? If so, you're in luck -- easy to set up Managed WordPress hosting, clone the site under a temporary URL (that GoDaddy will provide). Then you can test and tweak, and when you think it's ready, just change the domain to point to the new hosting. 


If it's an HTML site (perhaps built in Dreamweaver or a text editor?), you can get new cPanel hosting, FTP all of the files up to the server, and test the domain using the IP address. Again, when it's ready you can then switch the domain name to point to the new hosting. 


If it's some other platform, there may be other approaches, but those are the two I typically deal with. 


How to move a website from wix to Godaddy

Hi. I've set up a website on wix and have subscribed to Godaddy for the hosting and i need to know how to move the website from wix. I'm a computer numpty so if anyone can tell me what to do in small words i would appreciate the help


Re: How to move a website from wix to Godaddy

Unfortunately from experience Wix cannot be migrated Smiley Sad