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Nameserver error


I have a question regarding my domain xxx.

I currently have the two nameservers (hosted on our company's own private Plesk Onyx server):

and both correspond to one and the same IP address.

I already tried all the possible versions, but currently GoDaddy either gives the error of ”duplicated IP” or does not accept the nameservers without an IP.

Usually there are the following options:
- enter only one namserver
- enter the nameserver without an IP
- create glued records.
- the provider enters the namservers manually.

GoDaddy support told there are no solutions, but literally every other host I have used has been able to solve the problem.


Any ideas would be much appreciated 🙂

Helper VI Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Nameserver error

There is a reason GoDaddy forces 2 IP's... and it's actually for a good reason.  They actually have a system in placed to resolve and analyze the information you provide compare to other service that will blindly accept your entry. (which is sometimes good)


Your 2 name servers are supposed to be hosted in 2 different locations for redundancy.


The only work around I can think of is either migrate your domain to be hosted elsewhere... or use GoDaddy's name servers.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
Helper VI Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Nameserver error


~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Re: Nameserver error

Thank You @JHasselbring!
That's precisely what I did.