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Point domain name to third-party host, but email to another

I know the basics of how this works, but I need proper instructions (or at least some help) in order not to break the current email addresses from receiving/sending emails.


Currently, my client's GoDaddy domain is pointing to a nameserver for some email server (ie. NS1.BDM.MICROSOFTONLINE.COM, NS2...). They've only ever used this domain name for the email. Well, now they want a website (which I am building). The website is hosted elsewhere, not at GoDaddy either.

How do I point the domain to a new host for the website (e.g.,, but not mess up the email service?

I appreciate any help!




Hi @velic123, thanks for posting.

To do this, you will need to update the MX Records at your hosting provider.

Generally, you will set your nameservers to use your hosting provider's nameservers, and then you'll updates your DNS settings through your hosting provider to use the MX Records of your email provider.

Once you are no longer using GoDaddy nameservers, your DNS, website, and email are no longer controlled or managed by GoDaddy.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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@GaryA - thank you. I figured it out a few days ago. The current name servers are pointing to Microsoft 365 email server. I was able to log into the Microsoft admin panel and route A records to my host and leave the email as is. Never done it this way but it seems to work just fine.