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Private Domain Registration Removal



I have a domain name up for renewal the end of September 2017.  It was using the Private Domain Registration Renewal service, but find for what I'm using the site for, just a waste.


So, I went through all of my domains and have removed this service.  I've waited nearly 30 minutes for everything to go thru, and it now shows the 'Add Privacy' prompt, which is GREAT!


However, when I go to renew the site, the Privacy option is still in the shopping cart.  There's no xREMOVE link, and I'm not really looking to spend another $10 in the service just to renew the site and cancel it again. How can I convince the GoDaddy website to not add that to the shopping cart?





Re: Private Domain Registration Removal

Hi @MikeFromPA


Thank you for your post. Try this method to see if it will bypass the privacy renewal for the domains.


1) Login to your account

2) Go to the domains row and click manage all 

3) Set the domains list to the advanced list view

      (top right corner, symbol that looks like 4 bullet points with lines)

4) Check mark the domains you would like to renew

5) Above the list click the renew button , then the renew domain option

6) In the pop-up window ensure that in the privacy column it does not show Private Registration

7) Select the term for renewal 

😎 Click Next

9) Click Finish

10) The domains should now be added to the cart without the privacy addon


Hope this helps!


Re: Private Domain Registration Removal


I tried following your instructions to renew my domain without the Private Domain Registration option. But once I get to the page where you say to make sure it doesn't say "Private Registration", it DOES say that, and there is no option to remove it. What now?


Re: Private Domain Registration Removal

@Clauditorium. Welcome to the community. My guess is that you might have Protected Registration on your domain. If that is the case it will not allow you to remove it before you renew your domain. Check out this article on how to remove it.


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