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Redirecting HTTP and HTTPS traffic for naked / apex domain

I can redirect HTTP traffic to my www domain using forwarding.  Alternatively I can redirect HTTPS traffic to my www domain using forwarding.  What I don't seem to be able to find a way of doing in GoDaddy is redirecting anything pointed at the naked / apex domain to the www version.  I need to redirect both HTTP and HTTPS traffic to www.


I need to support the following... to (it's okay if I can only redirect to in my case)


AND to


I have called support but the person I spoke to didn't seem to have a clue about what was possible and wasn't.  I was told initially I needed an SSL certificate (not true as I could get one working and not the other at the same time).  I was also told it was a problem with my hosting provider (not true as it doesn't get that far).  The person I spoke to had to check with colleagues about 4 or 5 times and I gave up in the end.


I am not using a web server with which I can do any URL writing and I do not have a fixed IP.  I am trying to set up sites behind CloudFront.  I'm looking to have the changes / redirecting happen before getting anywhere near the hosting provider (AWS).


There must be a way to support this.  Is anyone else more in the know?


Thanks for any help.


Re: Redirecting HTTP and HTTPS traffic for naked / apex domain

Hi @fitcwill,


Thanks for posting. You will need to confirm that you have issued a SSL certtficate that is covering WWW, if there is not an SSL certifcate issue for www you will not be able to foward to HTTPS://www. Hope that helps!



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Re: Redirecting HTTP and HTTPS traffic for naked / apex domain

Hi @Lisi,

I do have an SSL certificate set up but this is with my hosting provider for when the request makes it that far.

I don't believe this is part of the issue as it does not get as far as I my hosting provider and it will work if I use HTTPS, it just cannot be made to work for both HTTP and HTTPS at the same time.

Is there anyone out there that actually knows the answer to this?