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Search Engines do not find my site

Hi all!
I bought a site ( that I have redirected to my main site (michele' I needed both adresses but only one site.
The problem is that the site I bought is not showing in search engines. So when people search for, the listing does not come up. How do I fix that? Do I need to so a splash screen that redirects to my main site after a few seconds? (to have a chance to enter some meta data for the search engines?) Self taught - Thank you for your help

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Re: Search Engines do not find my site



Based on what you noted, you have one site -- with two domains.  The website is with another domain forwarded to it.  Right?  When I type in I land at -- the site that will get any rankings.


Redirecting a domain to a website does not cause that secondary domain to then acquire additional rankings.  There really is no way to "fix" that because the secondary domain has no content -- it is just a domain and will never rank.


The original domain ( has all the SEO "juice" because of the content, any inbound links and other criteria that are used to determine rankings for that website. 


You can still have the additional domain forwarded to your main site and use it for marketing purposes or if someone types it in they land on your site.


What you want to do is work on the SEO for the website.  But, you have your work cut out for you!  "Macarons" produces 49,400,400 results.  However, by adding your location that drops to 12,100!  


HTH! 😉



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Re: Search Engines do not find my site

Thank you so much @Muse!
I do know I have a lot of work in my near future. I am just concerned that when people search for macaronstogo, nothing comes up. It has been frustrating because that's the address I advertise on my car.(local business)  And unless you remember the address exactly, you can't find it.

The reason I have 2 addresses is that customers keep typing michele with "2 Ls" and land on a competitor's site. Lol not good for business.


I think I need to do a splash screen with with my products, and anytime they click on a product, it takes them to my main site. It would be transparent to my users.
This solution would allow me to get macaronstogo listed in the search engines so that users can find it.

Does that make sense?
Thank you for your patience!