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Search Engines do not find my site



ok have an issue, i have recently purchased a domain, and have a website,


the company is actually called


the fascia warehouse


however, when i search for it, as the fascia warehouse


an old site that is no longer active comes up,




and not


how do i get the old site totally removed (there is no content on this site)


and how do i get it so if people search for the fascia warehouse for it to show up?


it does show up if i search it like 




any help would be great

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Search Engines do not find my site

Hey there, 


It sounds like you just need to update the sitemap for the major search engines.


Search engines, like Google, need to find your website before it can crawl, index it, rate it and display it in its listings (SERPs – or Search Engine Results Pages).


Googlebot (the spider Google uses) accesses your page if it knows your website exists. Your website can only be listed in Google search if it was crawled and indexed by Googlebot in the first place.

Google may not know about your site, yet, especially if you just changed it over. That process takes about 3-4 weeks usually or you can submit new sitemaps to the search engines, which will prompt the bots to crawl the site sooner and update your info.


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