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Server Failover setup

I am new to this, I wanted to setup a server failover. I have a domain ( pointing to an IP (main server). What I wanted to do is to point to another server IP when my main server is down. 

What do I need and where can I configure it. 


Thanks in advance.


Hi @AEsI

You will want to setup secondary DNS, which is an advanced feature offered within our Premium DNS.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Secondary DNS won't accomplish what you want.  To failover your (with an ip of x.x.x.x) to a backup server (IP of y.y.y.y) you first need to ensure both servers are up and responding and then you can setup what's known as DNS Failover or CNAME Failover.   Depending on the provider this may entail moving your DNS to the new provider

For CNAME Failover, you can CNAME your www record at GoDaddy to a hostname that the DNS provider gives you.  They setup a monitoring platform to check your primary server at x.x.x.x and then when it fails they update the hostname they give you with the backup IP of y.y.y.y

There are a few different managed DNS providers that handle DNS Failover with CNAMES and cloudfloor is one of them. I do work for them and help many go daddy customers setup failover

You can also see this video that shows how it works