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Subdomains not working?



I've been having trouble using subdomains recently. I created some new subdomains and installed Wordpress sites to them. However, the sites never load and browsing to the domain takes me to my ISP's search page, almost as if the subdomain doesn't even exist.


This seems to have been happening since I rolled my server back to the previous version of PHP (7.1), for the purposes of installing a Magento site on one of my subdomains.


I've talked to Godaddy support via the online chat but they just keep giving me the propogation excuse. It has now been at least a week since I installed the first site that doesn't work, and there are 2 that installed 3 days ago which still aren't appearing, so I'm sure it's not a propogation issue.


Does anyone know what could be causing this or where I should start looking?




Hi @ajt92,


Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! That error typically indicates it's an issue with your DNS. It sounds like you may be missing an A record for the sub domains, to add an A record follow the steps in this guide: If you have already made the necessary DNS changes and are still encountering this error after 48 hours I recommend reaching back out to our live support.



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