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Website on another host doesn't work only on my laptop

Good morning (for people in Europle only I guess),


I have bought a domain from GoDaddy and bought web space hosting from another provider to host a wordpress website there. I am generally new to wordpress and web space hosting. I am, however, a CS student so I'm familiar with some of the terms.


I changed the name servers to those of my webspace. After waiting for some amount of time, I could access my website just fine and started configuring it.


However, I have since found that I am sometimes unable to simply open up my website


It returns the following 72adb2ea1d6f894a27718134e00d847d


When looking at the source code, this image apparently comes from godaddy.

Here the code:

<!-- Server: P3PWPARKSTAT02 -->
<!DOCTYPE html><body style="padding:0; margin:0;">
<iframe src="" style="visibility: visible;
height: 100%; position:absolute" allowtransparency="true" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" width="100%">
<!-- T: 2128 --><!-- Server: P3PWPARKSTAT02 -->


Problem is, it seems like my laptop is the only affected device. I can open my page on mobile and other PCs open it just fine as well.

I have already exhausted most of the more obvious options: I chose the default wordpress theme, disabled all plugins, flushed my dns (both on windows and on chrome), used 3 different browsers, restarted my laptop, deleted cookies and cache.

I wrote the support of my host already, too, but so far they only provided me with the idea of flushing my cached dns.


This is my first post ever here so I hope you guys can help me out. I suspect it "might" have to do with godaddy since this "under construction" website I actually get on my laptop seems to come from godaddy.


If this was solved by refreshing I wouldnt mind but it seems to lock me out from my webpage for multiple hours at a time.


Thanks in advance


Hi @Quexlaw,


Thanks for posting. Are you still getting this Coming Soon page? I was able to access your site without any issues and your domain's nameservers appear to be pointing to your hosting provider. Try testing access from the same laptop using a different network, if it continues you should contact your current hosting provider to investigate this. 




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