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cloudflare + godaddy + heroku

i am getting a 404 error after trying to run my dns thru cloudflare so i can get ssl certificates and the actual project is on heroku. The works but if there is no www it does not. I have been playing around with the settings and the dns is pointing to the right place with the cname but the A name I think is pointing to the wrong IP? I cannot seem to figure it out. Anyone have any solutions?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: cloudflare + godaddy + heroku

Hi @snydzllc. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If the domain's A Record is pointed toward the wrong IP, that could easily cause a 404 error. However, if you're using Cloudflare, that means you would control all DNS settings there. I wasn't able to find a help document specific to changing an A Record with Cloudflare, but I did find one about adding records. That may help. 


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