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domain history request

Dear Support Team,


Can you tell how long a domain was registered and registrar's name if registered as private registration? Hoe can view the info?


thank you.

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Hey @DharshanaZ, don't ignore us Community members and only ask support. If you want to connect to support directly you should go to 24/7 support available at The Community is more of a peer-to-peer knowledge base.


I am happy to attempt an answer to your question. You can always see registration information by doing a WHOIS search, I often use whois/ Be aware that for domains registered as private what you will see are things like registration length but not the underlying domain contact information. Depending on how the private registration is setup there will be a way to contact the domain contact (usually forwarded through the private registration service).


Beyond the WHOIS there is a way to run a domain history reports but there is no guarantee that a report would result in the current private information being exposed. I don't know what your intention is so I'd just attempt to contact the domain owner through the public information available. I hope that helps?


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