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how can I increase my website load speed?

He There,


namaskaram there are many ways which are helpful but can anyone tell how can I increase speed of EpaperPDF site.


I tried many ways to do it but hardly some works..


Hope you will suggest the best..




Re: how can I increase my website load speed?

You should use Managed WordPress hosting by Godaddy which gives excellent load speeds to WordPress websites. Other than that you should also do the following things:


1. Makes sure you do not use more than 15 plugins because they makes websites heavy.

2. Optimize your WordPress theme.

3. If you are using using too many images in your posts then try to use optimize images. You can use image optimization plugin for this. 

4. In your Managed WordPress hosting you have the option of CDN, you should enable it. 


Hope it helps you.

Happy to help you.