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new purchased premium domain does not appear in my domain management control panel

I just bought the premium domain "" on (date: 2018-6-6)
but the domain does not appear in my domain management control panel
and when I try to open the url using my browser it appears a strange website which is not my own, and when i inquiry about it on it appears that the domain already belongs to someone else since 2007-09-12 with Expiration Date: 2018-09-12


how can i purchase a domain which is already owned to someone else ! ?


i'm sure of the domain syntax, I have an invoice with the domain purchase 



note: when I try to search for the domain with another registrar, it shows me that the domain is available for purchase ! which is a very strange situation


your quick response is highly appreciated


Best Regards

Mohamed Tourk

Super User 2020

Premium domains are actually already registered, but offered for sale by the existing owner.  GoDaddy is basically acting as a broker.  They'll hold the funds until the domain is transferred to you to make sure the transaction goes smoothly.

I was told something completely different by Customer support just 3 days ago!  I purchased a Premium Domain on Sunday and it didn't appear in my control panel and they told me it had "failed to register" and that in 5 days if it didn't succeed I would be refunded.


I said how is that possible, I don't want my money back just the domain I bought and paid for... I said are they a broker of the sale and was told they are not.  In this instance the domain was listed as owned by Tucows and she explained that they own Tucows.


I think something is odd here... why isn't Godaddy more transparent (honest) with customers about ownership and how the process works and the true reason why domains don't get registered in control panel straight away rather that appear to make us stuff?!


Surely a huge multimillion dollar company couldn't make a mistake with such basic IT?!


Why blame it on a "registration error"....?!




@alexpinna  Someone else already owns the domain name, otherwise you would have been able to register it.  Tucows is a separate registrar from GoDaddy.  The current owner would need to transfer the domain to GoDaddy (a process that can take 5 days).  Then they would receive the payment, otherwise it would be refunded to you.

This is the issue, thats not what I was formally told by Godaddy.... either she lied or didn't have a clue. I'm not sure whats worse....