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updating DNS records with public ip address

I have a residential broadband Internet connection which has a dynamic ip address, which occasionally changes. It can change due to a prolonged router reset, or a power outage, etc. My idea was to retrieve the current public IP address using a stun client (RFC 3489), perhaps once an hour under normal conditions and potentially even every 5 minutes if there is a failed check, backing off to 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, etc, if there is still no response. I can get an email alert giving me a heads up that something may be happening to the IP address. That alone will be a big help because I currently average around 12hrs to 18hrs between finding out there is an issue, and resolving it.


Is there a way for godaddy to supply an API key and then have a way through a REST call to update DNS records? I would basically be updating certain DNS records with a current IP address, and also updating some records with a text hostname address as well (a reverse DNS lookup). This automation would be helpful as I currently have to input these updates manually through the web interface.

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Re: updating DNS records with public ip address



Personally I would recommend - they have a free version - This uses a client side utility that monitors your public IP and updated the DNS as needed - you can also add traditional DNS records (MX / TXT / CNAME) that are static as well

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Re: updating DNS records with public ip address

Thank you, I actually had a noip account already and even had the paid service for a period of time. I ended up activating/re-configuring it again today. Previously I had it installed on a Windows workstation however it was only running part of the day, so at times it wasn't that effective. 


I ended up putting together the stun client script which sends me an email alert at the moment. I still think godaddy could implement an API of some sort so that advanced users could have the ability to push DNS updates as needed. For example the python language has a requests library, and a developers guide could be put together with examples to make everything work.