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Add Office365 email to gmail account

I'm trying to get my office365 email setup in my gmail account. 

I've been given settings from Godaddy support, but they're not working.  After the solution is given in the discussion there seem to be lots of other people with the same problem as I am having.

Problem being: POP settings work for checking email through gmail.

SMTP settings do not work. We all seem to get the same error message.  

Has anyone managed to resolve this issue?

The Settings are:

Setting up office365 email in Gmail.JPG

Setting up office365 email in Gmail - error.JPG

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Add Office365 email to gmail account

Hi @MandieG. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I double checked to make sure this wasn't happening for me with a test account. I was able to add the account without errors. In researching this issue, I found that this appears to affect Gmail users at random and it's mostly on the Gmail side. Try the suggestion in this 3rd party article to see if that helps. You can also try the steps in this Google forum post about the issue. Hope that helps. 


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Re: Add Office365 email to gmail account

Hey Jesse, thankyou - it worked! 

I pinged the server to find out which server the SMTP proxy was using for my account and used that in my Gmail settings. 

As it turned out, I needed to add "-au" (therefore, as I'm in Australia.

Perhaps other random people having the problem are in countries that require additional letters in the server name.