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Auto reply

How I can setup my GoDaddy webmail on auto reply with a 'thank you' message to customer. When a customer sends me an email, I want auto reply to him/her immediately with a note 'thank you for the contact'. How I can do this? Thanks

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @wasim999, you can set up an auto reply in your webmail using these instructions:  





Hello MPC, I need the answer to the same question, but you didn't answer if it is possible to auto-reply to an individual message. The general instructions set-up an auto-reply to every message or once to every sender. Once that is in place it gives you the option to send a different message to other addresses or domains.  I have a contact form on my business site that comes from a specific address that I would like to send an immediate auto-reply message. Can Workspace Email do that?


I know that you can turn on and off auto reply with a start and end date/time.  Is there a way, however, to set a weekly schedule for auto reply?  (for instance, Monday through from from 5p-9am auto reply on).