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Business Email - Europe vs United States

I was reviewing my account for my renewal tonight and noticed that I have the Unlimited Business Email - Europe account. I thought that was normal until I saw a United States option listed (I am in the US). I'm not sure how I ended up choosing the Europe package but it's listed the US option as a "downgrade" even though it is the same $9.99/month price. Am I ok to remain on the Europe package or should I change to the US package? The Europe and US options might only be data centers but I wasn't sure if I should choose the US package because I'm in the US. Thank you. 


Re: Business Email - Europe vs United States

Hi @verizon5050


Thank you for your post. I would recommend that you select the US region for your emails as the EU servers abide by the EU retention laws and if needed later on we would not be able to preform an email restore request due to this policy. Moving the plan to the US region will also help with email routing as well. 


Before changing plans:

1) Use an outlook client to download your messages from the server and create a PST backup file. This will ensure that if anything happens to your email content during the EU to US server migration you will have a backup to restore with. 


Here is a third party help guide for PST export/import (please only use as a visual reference)


2) Prepare for down time and updates.  

A: If the domain you have the emails applied to do not have it's DNS hosted by GoDaddy you will need to update the MX section at your DNS host. Simply remove the ".europe" from both MX records so that they are shown in the following format: and


B: If you use email clients regularly you will need to update the server settings to the appropriate pair. Again, simply remove the ".europe" from the server names in the client and save. 



C: Migrations may take a few minutes to multiple hours to complete depending on how much content will need to be migrated. During this time mail delivery in/out may be intermittent. 


3) Test all the addresses. Occasionally a mailbox may not complete the migration and will become stuck, be sure to test the addresses to ensure they are all active and routing properly. Alternatively, call our support and our agents can also scan to ensure that all addresses moved properly. 


Hope this helps!


Re: Business Email - Europe vs United States

Excellent info! Thank you! I will make the switch this weekend. Thanks!!