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Can I refund the office 365 email ?



I just bought a domain name from godaddy, and bough a 1 user for office 365 with the domain name,

I just found out that I can't use both office 365 and godaddy's normal forward email, because I will need many emails and can't get them all from office 365, So I will just use the forward email, how can I return that email I bought for office 365 as I don't need it now ?

Or how can I get them both to work at the same time ??

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it,

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Can I refund the office 365 email ?

You should contact support as soon as possible @ahmeddahe either via email, phone or chat. I hope that helps?

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Re: Can I refund the office 365 email ?

Hi @ahmeddahe,
For product cancellations and refunds, most requests are going to be account specific so you need to contact our customer support team. You can check out our refund policy to review if your product/services may be eligible for a refund with cancellation:


Our customer support teams are great at helping you determine if we can help resolve an issue with a product or helping you review your account for cancellation and refund eligibility. By contacting our live support teams they can give you more details to help you with the specific accounts and charges in your account. You can find the best number in your local area by going to 


We’re unable to issue refunds on behalf of customers through Community.