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Can't send email with a blank subject line

I just set up a virtual dedicated server.  I finished setting up the email and I can receive emails fine. However, when I send an email without a subject line, it goes to the Sent folder (in SquirrelMail) but it doesn't get received by the recipient.  If I put text in the subject line, then the recipient receives the email just fine.  But if the subject line is left blank, then the email is not received.  Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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why would you want to leave a blank subject line? A subject line is required by most if not all mail servers. 

It gives people a clue to what it's about and whether to bin it as junk / spam. So if you are trying to get around spam filters it won't work not having a subject line 😊


It's true most of the emails I send have subject lines but every once in awhile a quick email is sometimes sent to a co-worker, usually containing just an attachment, since it's quicker than putting on a flash drive.  And sometimes I just forget.  So you think it's a spam filter removing emails with no subject line?  I'm sending myself test emails from other email addresses (like Time Warner) and they are arriving fine even with blank subject lines.  So if it's indeed a spam filter, it must be detecting that the emails are being sent from a GoDaddy server.  Could it possibly be anything else other than a spam filter?  Maybe some setting in the mail server?

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Hi @InquisitiveOne,

i can add spam filters that filter out certain subject matter etc, but as well as that nearly all mail servers are configured to insist on a subject line. I wouldn't use email to send messages to a co worker. I would probably use mail on the command line. Much more secure. Intranet not internet.