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Cannot receive email (webmail and Outlook)

I set up my email (webmail and Outlook). I can SEND email but cannot RECEIVE any! I get a lengthy error message that boils down to "recipient not found." This even happens when I reply to a message sent from the account. Help!


Hi @cbt , Thank you for being a part of GoDaddy Community!


If your DNS is updated to your GoDaddy email's correct MX settings (listed below), we will need to know the exact bounce back and error you're receiving to best determine a correct solution.  Here is a guide on some of the bounce backs you could be receiving:  


For further assistance with these bounces, I suggest contacting our 24/7 support team so that they can access your account to assist you further.  


Workspace MX Records: 

You can locate your Workspace MX records in the Workspace Webmail in the 'Help' tab. 

Office365 MX Records: 

Located in your Office365 Dashboard under 'Recheck your DNS' 

CPanel MX Records: 

Host Name: @ 

Points To: mail.your domain name, For example: 

Priority: 0 


Hope this helps! 

Ashley M. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support Available at 480-505-8877

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Without the exact error message to know exactly what is going on -- not being able to receive means we have either incoming server, port or password issues.  The error message you are receiving would clarify exactly what is the issue.


If e-mails are not landing in Webmail -- and the e-mail account is formally setup that is a technical issue for GoDaddy support to look into.


Here are all the settings for you to double-check:


If you copy-n-pasted any settings, make sure you don't have an invisible trailing space -- that's enough to make things hiccup. "Recipient not found" indicates the server doesn't recognize the e-mail address being requested.  Make sure that the account you are checking is in fact setup exactly as it is entered in your e-mail program.


HTH! 😉



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The link you sent doesn't work. 


Having problems also 

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Something freaky-deeky with the GoDaddy system/forum.  If you copy-n-paste the link in your browser's location bar you'll be good to go!



"No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady

Hey @Muse,

Not sure what happened, but I had the link fixed for you. So anyone else reviewing this discussion should be able to click on it without being misdirected. Sorry for any mix up. 


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both webmail and outlook imap are not working. Cannot synch email and cannt login to webmail. Getting a cannot connect to the server message from outlook

We had the same issue. FWIW, we're also having grief with Google and Gmail - but can get to websites without a problem. I suspect it's update related. It took a couple of reboots to get it going, but after the second reboot our Office programs started running normally again.

Hello @jbowman07!


If you're not receiving email to Webmail, that sounds like there may be a deeper issue. Have you tried reaching out to our support team on this yet?


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I have tried several times, spending a good amount of time and money, yet your support team has not been able to help me resolve it. honestly, i regret using godaddy to host my website, as this has really cost me so much...

Please do you have any other most like solution? I have done everything i know, starting from DNS configuration and others...


I cannot receive any email from sunday

Did you get your issue resolved?  I haven't received e-mail since Thursday.  

Yep... Its been OVER A YEAR for me. Once they got your cash, you get their ...

I subscribe... i can't receive emails ... I can send but not receive.. I've tried all webmail accounts and when i send back an email from gmail to my domain info@ i get nothing back!!!!!!@!@!@£!@ 




Getting Started

My peer and I are having the exact same problem and we have separate Godaddy accounts.  I am on the west coast / android user and he is on the east coast / apple / mac user.  


I spoke with support and they said that their email is not designed to support full time sending and receiving and that they can't guarantee that all emails are sent and received.  Furthermore, they said that simple emails with subjects such as "test", "hey", "meeting", "update", etc.. are blocked on their servers.  They said that my emails were blocked for potentially being spam and I only had 20 emails to single recipients who I was having conversations with.  


As a result, I missed some critical updates to projects and a proposal to bid on a new job.  So, Godaddy's recommendation to me was to stop using their email system and to use Google Apps or Microsoft 365.  Given the price points and benefits, I chose to migrate to Google Apps, which has been absolutely stellar and their support is far superior.  


I'm very ashamed of using Godaddy all these years and should have made the switch a long time ago.  I actually think it's unethical for them to offer a service that they don't recommend using and blocks emails from going through.  In the end, I counted that 30% of my emails did not go through.


I wish you the best of luck, make the switch to Google

Thank you for the honest answer with a solution. I have been with GoDaddy since 2010. I guess I can confidently move to Google knowing I have outgrown GoDaddy.

Same problem, I receive this message:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.1.1 <> Recipient not found.  <>

Hello there @sheriffekri!


Thank you for posting. That error message means the recipient address doesn't exist. If you're still getting this error and you're certain the address exists, reach out to our support team to troubleshoot.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I want to add that I'm having the same exact problem (Outlook). I know the email exists because I can do these 2 things: 


- Send an email FROM that email address, it is received on the other end

- Send an email TO that email address, it comes to by inbox 


What doesn't work is: 


- Reply to an email FROM that email address, it bounces as "Recipient not found".


Last time I called support I was on the phone for an hour+ and they ultimately said I needed to call Microsoft. I'll try again but feeling discouraged that somehow reply-ing is blocked by some setting somewhere that I don't have access to... 




I figured it out! If you have more than one MX record listed, try deleting the ones that don't point to outlook. That worked for me and after 6 months of being baffled by reply not working, it finally seems to work! 



I'm having many of the same issues.  Promblems persist receiving email from outlook, and customer support is not helpful.  The issue first appeared with Workspace webmail and constantly having to reset passwords.  

Spoke with customer support at least 20x about the issue.  They tell me it cannot be resolved and suggested that I purchase MS 360.  However, I also agree that it is strange, even unethical to offer a feature of my hosting account, which GoDaddy knows does not work.  In this case, Webmail, as well as Outlook.