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Delayed Email Deliveries

Like countless other posters, we have an issue with delayed emails (Further, we pay for business emails through GoDaddy, so it's not like these are shabby free accounts).  I read all the purported "solutions" and they do not actually proffer a solution.  I do not use Outlook; I use the GoDaddy email host.  I have not received error messages about documents being too large to send.  And, yet, my emails are regularly not received by the intended recipient for HOURS. This happens every single day.  This is a serious problem for our law firm. In fact, if we have to file something by emailing it to an Administrative Judge by a deadline, instead of using my business email account, I have to use my personal gmail account to send it to make sure that it s received on time. Others in our firm have called GoDaddy about it, and GoDaddy tried to blame it on Outlook and brushed us off. HOWEVER, I DON'T USE OUTLOOK.  This is a serious issue of servers that are inadequate to address the number of clients.  If this issue isn't addressed by GoDaddy, I am going to recommend that our firm leave GoDaddy permanently for email and websites. This is simply not an acceptable way to conduct business. 

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Re: Delayed Email Deliveries

HI @louise12. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It's not impossible for there to be an issue with delays in email delivery. However, they can be difficult to troubleshoot without the right information. What you'd need to do to identify where the delay is coming from is obtain the header of a delayed message. This would only be available after it was received. If you can have the recipient provide you with that (or if you can duplicate the issue with an account you have access to) our advanced support can analyze the header to see where the delay is occurring. This would show for sure if the issue was within our system or if it happened during some other part of the mail delivery. 


As for how you would get the header, this is usually part of the source code of the email file. How you would access that depends on the email client you're using (web-based or installed application). I've attached a gif showing how you can find the source code for a message in Gmail. You can also take a look at this article that explains how to find the code for other mail clients. Hope this helps. 



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