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Does web hosting expiration affect the Email & Office ?

Hi Dears,


I purchased a web hosting (Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel) and an Email&Office (Office 365 Email Essentials) . the web hosting will expire and i don't want to renew it, so is the Email&office will stop or have any problem after web hosting expiration ?


Thanks for reply..


Re: Does web hosting expiration affect the Email & Office ?

Hello KAH,

   As long as the Email & Office (Office 365) plan was purchased separately from the hosting and is a standalone product and not provided as a free trial, there should be no disruption in your email services.  If the plan was supplied as a free trial with the purchase of your hosting simply renew the office 365 plan and it will be a stand alone plan separate from the hosting.


The one concern that I have is that your Nameservers may change with the cancellation of the hosting plan. Please be sure to contact our 24/7 support team at the time of your cancellation to check if there are any updates that may be required after your cancellation.


Hope this helps!