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Email accounts have vanished under my email accounts page

Email accounts for my website have vanished from my Godaddy account. They are still active on my iPhone but when I try to reset the password via Godaddy's email browser the emails never come through. I have done nothing to make this happen. Haven't needed to log into my Godaddy account in awhile. It wasn't until one of my employees contacted me and said he couldn't access his email that it was brought to my attention. Has anyone else had this problem? This is really frustrating. Any help is appreciated. 

Community Manager

Hi @dreameffects. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Generally, if you don't see an email plan in your GoDaddy account, it means the account has been removed. This is most often due to the account expiring. I'd suggest getting in touch with our support team if you haven't already done so. 


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