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Email delivery failure

I've been having a problem for a little while now, email sent to my email address when coming from somewhere not hosted by GoDaddy are bounced back to the sender. I haven't been too concerned until now, as I didn't use the email address much, but with some new clients, I would like to.  I'll also state that I am not the most tech-savvy person when it comes to this stuff. 


This is what I get when the message bounces back:

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Unable to deliver message after multiple retries, giving up.

I don't get any further information on the why.  I was sending from my yahoo address, but I get the same thing when trying from Gmail and 2 other email addresses I have. 


I've never touched my DNS settings, but I'm wondering if something could be wrong there. This is what I have:

Type Name Value TTL Actions

A@ HourEdit
CNAMEautoconfig@10800 secondsEdit
CNAMEautoconfig.admin@10800 secondsEdit
CNAMEautodiscover@10800 secondsEdit
CNAMEautodiscover.admin@10800 secondsEdit
CNAMEeemail.secureserver.net1 HourEdit
CNAMEemailemail.secureserver.net1 HourEdit
CNAMEftp@1 HourEdit
CNAMEimapimap.secureserver.net1 HourEdit HourEdit HourEdit
CNAMEpoppop.secureserver.net1 HourEdit
CNAMEsmtpsmtp.secureserver.net1 HourEdit
CNAMEwebmail@10800 secondsEdit
CNAMEwww@1 HourEdit HourEdit (Priority: 0)1 HourEdit
NS@ns73.domaincontrol.com1 Hour 
NS@ns74.domaincontrol.com1 Hour 
SOA@Primary nameserver: Hour


Any suggestions on getting this to work are greatly appreciated!


Following, I am having the same problem

Following as well as I have a issue as well.