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Email is not working



I'm really off to a good start here.  I got the deluxe hosting package and I didn't have it working because I was unaware that the domain I thought to have included couldn't be included because it was an eu domain.

But this was solved by actually purchasing the eu domain separately, so I got the website working.... the reason I tell this however is the following.  Because I was unaware about this issue I installed wordpress and had that do an automated backup inside Installatron.  As I said dns wasn't working because I didn't own the domain name, but today I do.

When I was testing to install wordpress it installed, and left an email after the backup was made in my main email account, so this was working.


Now that I got the dns figured out, I wanted to make a fresh install again, but now every mail send towards the email of my website gets bounced.

On the other hand all the emails send from my webserver never arrives to it's destination, not even when I send it to itself.

So I can safely assume when dns wasn't working email did work, but now that that is working, email doesn't work anymore, also when I create a new email address within cPanel.


Now included in the deluxe hosting package is 1 year of office365 email, now I already own office365 for probably 10 years or so, so it's not very necessary, but still I tried this out and the email does work in there, but like I said I already own office365, where you can actually download the product, so I removed that email address again.


I just want the email to work, the one you can set up from within cPanel and I really hope someone can help me.


I am aware that this may be a bit hard to read, I am not natural English speaking but I thought I would explain it as what really happened.


For my domain, incase someone needs this to test or whatever it's I don't feel safe to give the basic email address because that appears to be my username and can't be changed or edited, but the email address I manually created is


Thank you and I really hope someone can help, because I don't think I can explain this on the phone.


Re: Email is not working

After looking to find an answer myself, I came to the conclusion that email simply doesn't work anymore.  I say anymore because I used to have a hosting plan here in the past up until 2007 and that did include email.

I also looked more into this office365 email and as long as it doesn't mix up my other office365 subscription I think this will do its' job for now, ok you need to pay a yearly fee, and it's not like that is 100 euro's so I'm still happy with this also first year is free so no problem there.


Thanks for looking into this, but help is not needed anymore.