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Email not being Sent from Script - SuiteCRM

Hello Everyone,

I have a CRM(SuiteCRM) hosted at Godaddy. I m using a shared hosting plan and i can send and recieve emails from Webmail but when it comes to email sent from SuiteCRM, it never gets configured.

There is no server response, i tried to send email from PHP script as well but no success.

Any idea or suggestions to sort this issue.

Helper VI

Hi @HusniBaig, welcome to the community! 🙂


What smtp server are you using with the shared hosting?


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HI @jpablo, Thanks and I really aprreciate ur warm welcome.

Sir i have tried all the possible SMTP ( GooGLe, Outlook and even my Shared Hosting One)

I guess the Hosting provider (Godaddy) has blocked sending emails from PHP.


SMTP Port : 465

Open ports for SMTP Function is 25 try uploading phpinfo.php to double check the smtp port and settings. Also if it is a cPanel mind the MX Entry. Local if teh email is a cPanel email, Remote if it's google o365 or any outside emails.
How to create phpinfo.php below:

in order to send email from suitecrm within cpanel hosting environment 1) you must have a Godaddy email account 2) with that email account it came with the smtp gateway ie 3) in suitecrm choose the email as others 4) select POP and smtp port as 80. There are many reasons why it is so chiefly due to Godaddy policy