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Email redirection not working

I have configured my email redirect account (Image with example data)


1.pngBut when I send an email to this address it does not work.



Re: Email redirection not working

Hi @Roberto12cr,


Thanks for posting. Are your domain's MX records configured for cPanel email? If not you will need to update your MX records in order for the email forwarding to work. Please keep in mind DNS changes can take 24-48 hours to take effect. Hope that helps!


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Re: Email redirection not working

so, if I want to redirect emails from my domain to my personal gmail account I have to add the configuration on the image from the first comment and after that update the mx records?
If so, could you help me with the configuration

Host @

Points to ????


Thanks in advance.


Re: Email redirection not working

Hi @Roberto12cr


To configure the DNS on the domain for cPanel email, you can use the instructions here. There is a link near the bottom of this article that will walk you through that update. 



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