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Email stopped forwarding after using custom nameserver

I have someone helping me with all this web stuff since it's not my forte but after he added custom name servers (to point my domain to bigcommerce), my email forwarding hasn't been working. I called godaddy, then web chatted, then called again and the last call they told me basically "too bad, you have to buy an email account if the forwarding isn't working". So I'm hoping I can fix this or I'll just stop using godaddy and switch to another web/email host.

Any suggestions? I've emailed my web guy.

Note: I tried a new email address to forward to (yahoo instead of gmail just in case) also and that didn't help.

This is for my business so I'm very much stressing out right now!


Re: Email stopped forwarding after using custom nameserver

Hi @outonalimbokc


If you changed your nameservers, it's likely that there is no longer the MX records in place in order to allow that email to forward. If you are using the free forwarding provided in many GoDaddy accounts, please ask your DNS provider for instructions to update the MX records to the following: 

MX @ (Priority: 10)
MX @ (Priority: 0)

That should get your forward working again after allowing 24-48 hours for DNS propagation.



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