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Emails are going out as sent but also copying to the Drafts folder in Mail

I have 2 GoDaddy accounts and this has happened in both of them.  I have a Mac running High Sierra and get my mail via Mail app on the Mac [and other devices] - when I send an email from either Acct. 1 or 2 the email goes out okay = but then there is a copy of it [or of a part of it] in the Drafts folder for the two accounts = or in some cases it says No Recipients and No subject and has no content but it still in the Drafts folder for Acct. 1 or 2 -- I'm pretty sure [based on responses I have received] that the email went just fine but it's irritating and concerning that it's also left in the drafts folder.  Both accounts are SMTP - 

JourneyZing [Photography]; partner in Artisan Gallery 218; retired attorney

I marked this as new because it's still going on = It is now mid January and sometimes, but not always, partial emails end up in the Drafts folder but then they are sent - which then requires me to go in and make sure they are sent and then delete the Drafts folder...I am using Mail & High Sierra and get my email on GoDaddy using Mail and am properly signed in.

JourneyZing [Photography]; partner in Artisan Gallery 218; retired attorney

I too am having this issue. I'm using Outlook for the web on macOS Mojave ver. 10.14. Sometimes (but not always) when I send emails the program creates duplicate empty or partial content drafts that I have to go and delete. I have also begun noticing that some messages are even being sent twice. This is a nuisance and will eventually cause me to look for another email app solution if it can't be fixed. 

Wondering if a solution was ever discovered for this?????

Hey @rsedlacek,


Not sure if @VictoriaJZ managed to get this worked out on their end already, but often what you've described is due to settings either within the email address or email client you are sending out messages from that creates these draft copies.


If you've already reviewed these settings within your address to confirm that no drafts generate and save (even after sending the message), then you'll need to contact our live support for further assistance. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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It is still happening and I use Mail and don't have it set that way = will double check with Apple before calling support but thank you for the information.

JourneyZing [Photography]; partner in Artisan Gallery 218; retired attorney