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Hosting Migration and Gsuite Records

I had domain and hosting with webhost X and using G suite for emails. I transferred hosting to Godaddy(Y) and domains still with X. There are so many records for email like (MX, A, CNAME, NS, SOA). I find these records can be updated at domain control center of X as well as with Godaddy Cpanel. These are some queries in this case.

1) What records exactly needs to be changed for G suite email?

2) Whether those records to be changed with webhost X or with Godaddy?

3) Where can i find those record values in Godaddy?


Looking forward your reply. Thank you.

Community Manager

Hi @Ad2019. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


  1. Technically, you could probably get away with just updating your MX Records to whatever G Suite requires. However, you may also need to set up a TXT record to verify ownership of the domain. You may also want to set up an SPF record to specify what servers can send email for your domain. I think G Suite also supports DMARC and DKIM if you want advanced security. 
  2. You will change your domain's DNS records with the provider who's nameservers you are using. If you are using GoDaddy nameservers, then you'd update DNS settings in our system
  3. Since you're planning on hosting your email with G Suite, you would need to contact them or review their documentation to find out what values your records should have. 

I hope that helps. 


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