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How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Using the following instructions,, I have been trying to set up my GoDaddy Workspace email on my iPhone 6.  The client I use to manage my email on my desktop computer is Office 2013 and, of course, Outlook 2013 (note, not Office 365).


I followed the steps in the above referenced post, and obtained the following error message:

> Unable to long in.  IMAP Auto-discover failed.  Please check your IMAP server settings and try again.


I must say I found the GoDaddy instructions confusing as they said to select IMAP, even though in Outlook on my desktop computer I enter as the incoming mailserver.  Nonetheless I checked my IMAP settings (by going to advanced settings) to ensure I had entered, and I had.


What am I doing wrong?


Best regards,



Helper III
Helper III

Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Hi, @davidl11!


Every time I've seen messages about autodiscover failures, it seems to universally be either an incorrect or nonexistent SRV record in the domain's DNS settings.  Can you try the instructions in the article linked below?


Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Can someone please post correct iphone instructions on mail setup using either the Outlook app on iOS and/or regular mail setup.


Outlook returns error when using my domain mail

Selecting Office365 doesnt work - doesnt exist

Verification fails with sercureserver, pop, imac. etc verification - nothing works!


Any help would be appreciated

Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and for some reason my email connected with you guys at Go Daddy keep saying my password is incorrect cannot send mail although I can get mail from that account on my phone I can never send it my password is correct I can assure you because I tried changing it and entering the new password and it still does not send a Mail from my phone how can I fix this please
I did switch my domain from Go Daddy to wicks I didn't transfer my domain I just redirected it I don't know if that has anything to do with it but please help because I do a lot of business and I need to be able to send emails from my phone thank you kindly in advance

I remain since year


Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

I just replied to somebody else as well this seems to be an issue with Go Daddy lately because mine stopped working I cannot send mail however I receive mail from that account I keep getting a notification on my phone every time I try to send mail saying my password is incorrect when I know for a fact it is not because I reset it and typed in the new one hopefully they'll respond to my reply good luck with your issue as well

Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

No one knows the answer to this inegima. Every iphone issue I have read continue to be ensue on my iphone 7. It’s out of control. 


Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Does @jvanderb have any feedback on getting email to work on iphone7...?


Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Hi there - did you ever find a solution or get an answer from GD? I was fine until I set up the newest update on my iPhone and now I can't reply to emails, its my business and I can't do the simplest thing, communicate. Looking forward to your reply. thx


Re: How to Set Up Email on my iPhone?

Hi @ , Thank you for being a part of GoDaddy Community! 


Sounds like there may be an issue with some Autodiscover settings on your domain's DNS. Refer to the link below to make sure this setting is added correctly to your DNS: 

Add Autodiscover SRV Record


Also, we have updated our Help articles to reflect the latest of iOS updates, which I have posted below. As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use and setup certain third-party products, but we do not endorse nor directly support third-party products. Occasionally, as Apple does not always publicize the release of these updates before they are rolled out. As Apple releases any macOS or iOS updates, we can find it affects the setup of our products on these devices. We appreciate our customer's patience as we update our help articles to reflect any of those changes.   

iPhone and iPad Setup for Workspace



Hope this helps! 


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