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I'm having problems logging into my webmail

As of last week I can't log into my webmail through my browser. When I type my username and password and click sign in, the button just greys out and the mouse icon changes to a spinning wheel as though it's about to load my email but it never does no matter how long I wait. I just get an infinite loading screen.


I am still able to log in using the outlook app on my phone however obviously the phone screen is small. I am happy using this to write quick replies to people but I much prefer using my laptop to write more substantial emails.


I work several different jobs so it's hard for me to find the time to phone Go Daddy. Not only that but I rely on being able to access my emails to run my business so this disruption is very stressful. I don't know if this is a sign of any more serious disruptions to my email service?


Seems like some people are experiencing similar problems so i'm sharing this a) Because people might find it useful to know that you can configure the outlook app on your phone to be a mail client for go daddy email addresses and it still seems to work. b) Because I very much want my webmail to work and if anyone has got any solutions then i'd love to hear them.

Helper II

Re: I'm having problems logging into my webmail

 My first guess from what you shared with us is that it could be your browser and its settings. Try using another browser and see if that helps you sign in.