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Issue Linking Domain with Office 365

Hello Folks!

I have an Office 365 account directly from Microsoft and I was able to connect it to one of my Go Daddy domains with no issues. 


My problem is I purchased Office 365  Premium through Go Daddy and I am not able to connect the domain at all. The difference is similar to:

rather than:


I spend about 2-3 hours waiting for and chatting with tech support and unfortunately the agent didn't "get" my issue, she kept asking if I wanted a new email address or if  I wanted to delete one. Even worse she wasn't allowed to join me on an online meeting.


Are any of you experiencing this behavior? It has actually changed since Saturday. As of Saturday if I log in Office 365 with my GoDaddy Premium account and clicked on Admin I would get the standard Office 365 Admin control panel, however if I clicked on "domains" I was told that this was handled by my vendor (or something similar) and I would be sent to the GoDaddy Office 365 login/Admin page which doesn't provide the option to link my domain name to Office 365.


As of today, I no longer go into the Office 365 Admin page when I click on the link, instead I get sent directly to GoDaddy Office 365. I don't understand why I would want to have Office 365 when it doesn't even show my domain name when using products that normally do.


I have been a customer of GoDaddy for many years and fortunately I have never really had to use support but the lack of being able to simply send an email or open a ticket is pretty disappointing. To call support and to be told "we are really busy, call back later" or try to use chat and be told, "you are 243 in line, your wait time is 0" is rather sad for a tech company that has been around as long as GoDaddy has.


How do you suggest I go about having this corrected or am I making a fool of myself because the fix is right under my pointer?


Have a great day!