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Moving Email with Website?

I lately moved our domain to a new GoDaddy Account but our email still remains associated with my account. How do I transfer it too?

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Re: Moving Email with Website?

Aside from domains there is not a direct method of moving products between accounts.  That basically means you would need to cancel the plan on one account and then buy the plan on the other account.  Keep in mind there would be some downtime between, so plan accordingly.


If there is time left on the old plan you would need to call for a refund (after cancel), but you may also want to call beforehand to help coordinate and minimize downtime.

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Re: Moving Email with Website?

Hi @wbrehaut,

Not sure if you've checked out this short video on how to move email from one account to another but think it might be helpful to you


All the best,


Re: Moving Email with Website?

Thanks, Rachel, but that's for forwarding email. What I need to do is move the whole email product from my account to that of a new administrator of our society's domain, website, and email. Also, the email account I wanted to move is not Office 365 Outlook, but that's what the new administrator wants to use.


I've been informed there's no way to do that so we must just cancel the present email plan and open a new one for Office 365, then request a refund of any remaining time for the present plan.


Thanks for replying!