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Navigation bar missing items on iphone...



I am trying to setup email on my phone the easy way so that I can forward instructions to my staff and have them do it on their phones.  I am trying to reach this screen which I can easily get to on my laptop.  Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 4.09.23 PM.png


However on my phone, those options in the green bar are missing and all I can do is get this screen which is no good because their is no ios option to install the email after making one up:






When I click on the expand button, the email option sends me to Office365 which I don't want.  


I tried requesting the desktop version when I was on my phone but no luck.  Any suggestions?  Am I missing something?

Community Manager

Hi @turtlecoffee. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why, but it looks like you're missing the "menu" button that should appear directly under the GoDaddy logo. That opens a menu where you can click "email" to get to the page you're trying to access. 


If you're not able to see that option, then I'd suggest visiting the page on your desktop, copying the link for the correct page, and emailing it to your self. That should allow you to get to the same page on your mobile device.


One additional thing to consider here is how you will have your staff log into your cPanel account. If you want to direct them to navigate to the email page, then they will need to log into our site using your GoDaddy account credentials. If you give them the link, they will need to log in using the cPanel account username and password. Generally speaking, it isn't a good idea to share your GoDaddy account login with anyone. Having them log into cPanel would restrict their access only to what is in your hosting account. You can see your cPanel username on the main cPanel dashboard (see screenshot below) For more information on resetting your cPanel password, you can read this article






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