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Online bookkeeping...not working?

I just purchased the Online Bookeeping Essentials but I can't seem to create my accounts...for the last 2 hours I have had the error message that it is taking longer than usual and they will email me when it's ready. Does this happen often? Will I have to wait until Tuesday after Labor Day for this to be fixed? Not a good thing to see as a new customer...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Online bookkeeping...not working?

Hi @carben14. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


Sorry this is happening for you. I have never heard of this happening, so it's probably not common. If this hasn't already completed setup, I would recommend reaching out to our bookkeeping team directly using the information on this page. If you could update here once this is resolved, I'm sure that would be very helpful if anyone else runs into this. 



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Re: Online bookkeeping...not working?

I'm have the exact same problem!!!


Re: Online bookkeeping...not working?

This was a known developer issue (however I'm not sure it was "known" until after the Labor Day holiday.) and has finally been fixed. I asked for an extension of my subscription to account for the 4 days I was unable to use the site. Request denied. I understand that technology fails and the support team may need time to fix it. However, my spouse works in this same field and spent many years being on-call even during holiday weekends to address these types of technology fails. 24/7 Support clearly means that someone is available by phone to talk to, not to actually fix the problem in a timely fashion. Any delay in service more than 1 day should always be compensated in some way - it's just good customer service!

Online bookkeeping...not working?

I just purchased the Online Bookeeping Essentials but I can't seem to create my accounts...For the last 4 1/2 hours I have been getting error message "We couldnt find the page you requested". Does this happen often? Why am I having so many issues with different parts of your website trying to fix my website. This is getting very frustrating.  


Re: Online bookkeeping...not working?

Hi @bisquick246


Thank you for your post and sorry to hear that there is an issue with the setup. For bookkeeping accounts we have a dedicated team to help resolve such issues. Please visit the following link and submit a ticket to our bookkeeping team and they will address this matter as soon as possible to get your account up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Submit a bookkeeping support ticket


Best wishes!


are there any accountants using the GoDaddy bookkeeping program

Are there any accountants using the GoDaddy online bookkeeping program that can help me with questions concerning working correctly with this program. 

Why is the app and the site so frigging slow?

Does anyone else have an issue with the app being god awful slow? It takes a full 45 seconds to log into the online bookkeeping app. And the site is the same way. Takes a good minute to load up. WHY!?

Is there a way to import data from Amazon if your a Merchant Fulfilled NON PRO Seller?

For godaddy bookkeeping. I was able to export a csv file I guess from amazon but cant import it into godaddy it just keeps telling me there is an error. I have tried opening it in open office and saving it again but no luck. I mostly sell on ebay but some of my sales come from amazon throughout the year enough where it would be nice to import them Again this is a non pro merhcant fulfilled account through amazon. Am I screwed on this?


Thanks in advance and sorry if this was the wrong place for this was not sure where this would go.