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Outlook 365 was suspended and I just paid. How long does it take to get access again?

Hi, my email account was suspended, i was on holiday and lost my wallet so had to wait for a new card. I made the payment earlier today, but every time i try to log in to my email it says "Something went wrong" 


and shows this error 

X-Auth-Error OpenIdConnect Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.AccountTerminationException

I can't phone support as my phone is down too!


Any ideas? It seems GoDaddy don't offer email support anymore 😞 


Re: Outlook 365 Error

Hi @marctew!


Thank you for your post! I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Typically, this occurs when the email fails billing as the account becomes locked until payment is made. Even though it is renewed it can take roughly 20-30 minutes for it to fully restore the account and allow you to login.


Best wishes!


JennH - GoDaddy | Email Specialist
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